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Aluminum Brackets

Key-Link Aluminum Railing Colors
Stocked colors vary by accessory. Contact Custom Craft for details.
American Top Rail Bracket
American Bottom Rail Stair Bracket
American Vertical Swivel Brackets
American 45° Bottom Rail Bracket Adapter
Outlook Aluminum Brackets
Outlook Top Rail Straight Bracket
Outlook Bottom Rail Stair Bracket
Outlook Top Rail 45° Bracket Adapter
Outlook Bottom Rail Vertical Swivel Bracket 
Aluminum Post Caps
Aluminum Post Trims
American Bottom Rail Bracket
American Top Rail Horizontal Swivel Bracket
American Universal Swivel Brackets
American Round Column Adapter
Outlook Bottom Rail Straight Bracket
Outlook Top Rail Stair Bracket
Outlook Bottom Rail 45° Bracket Adapter
Outlook Top Rail Horizontal Swivel Bracket 
American Top Rail Stair Bracket 
American Bottom Rail Horizontal Swivel Bracket
American 45° Top Rail Bracket Adapter
American Universal Bracket
Outlook Top Rail Stair Bracket
Outlook Bottom Rail Stair Bracket
Outlook Top Rail Vertical Swivel Bracket 
Outlook Bottom Rail Horizontal Swivel Bracket 
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