Regal Ideas Glass Railing

The signature Regal ideas Tempered Glass panels & CrystalRail system, provide homeowners a safe and durable unobstructed view. Made from high quality materials to provide you with the clearest view over many years, Regal Ideas railing systems were created with the homeowner in mind. 

Tempered Glass Panels

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Regal Ideas Tempered Glass Railing, is a great addition to any deck or rail project. This railing is made from high-quality, 6mm tempered glass panels and designed to go together effortlessly. The components of this railing have been tested for durability, impact resistance, and longevity and not just comply, but exceed the requirements for many local building codes.


  • 6mm (1/4″) thick Tempered Glass panels

  • 21 different sizes of Tempered Glass panels available

  • Impact resistant and complient with Miami-Dade Florida Hurricane requirements

  • Meets and exceeds building code specifications in U.S. and Canada

  • Approved for use up to 12 stories in residential, commercial, and multi-family applications.

  • 20-year limited warranty on aluminum parts

  • 1-year warranty on Tempered Glass panels


  • Glass available for 42 and 60″ height railing configurations

  • Tempered Glass panel sizes from 6″ to 66″ wide (in 3 inch increments)

  • Available in 4 standard and 2 special order colors.

*Special Order


What type of warranty comes with this railing?

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Regal Ideas CrystalRail Tempered Glass Railing, is redefining outdoor, luxury living. This railing was designed with the consumer in mind, it's simple to install and easy to clean maximizing your long-term enjoyment. Each component of this railing has been tested for durability, impact resistance, and longevity and has exceeded the requirements for many local building codes.


  • Glass mounting brackets include pre-installed LED’s that light up your glass panels at night

  • 10mm No-Iron Tempered Glass panels provide strength, safety and clarity that you have never experienced before

  • White NO-Iron Tempered Glass Panels available in various sizes

  • Each control pack can run up to 40 glass mounts (20 sections of glass)

  • Conforms to code specifications in U.S. and Canada

  • LED lighting is UL/CSA certified

  • Easy to install, no splicing wires or direct hard wiring required. Just PLUG-AND-PLAY

  • Remote control included


  • CrystalRail tempered glass panels are 98% free of iron.

*CrystalRail is a high end railing system with specific requirements and preparations needed before installation. This system may not be suitable for certain existing deck framing configurations and may require additional decking support prior to installation of the Crystal Rail system.

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